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GCDancEvents supports talent and over the years has helped many young dancers make their dreams come true. The audition process can be stressful and quite organizationally demanding. Having a mentor to guide you through the preparation can really ease the process and increase your chances of success.

There are many academies and professional companies in the world, each with their own requirements and formalities. 

We will work together realizing your professional portfolio with a team of professionals who will work with you by enhancing your potential.
-Private coaching
– Filming and video editing
-Photo shoot with some of the most excellent photographers
-Curriculum in the required language
Finally, after choosing the organization that best suits your profile, we will prepare all the necessary documentation in the required language.

We will handle all communications with the organizations until your admission.


I personally attended many auditions before finding the right company for me and if I had had support in preparing my portfolio and communicating with organizations it would have been much easier.

                                                                                                                                    Giuseppe Canale

Some of our success stories

Renato La Nave

14 years old
-Hamburg Ballet School
-Hoch Schüle für Musik und Theater

Noemi Avino

17 years old
-Vertigo Dance Company Intensive
-DART Dance Company

Katia Navarra

13 years old
-Palucca Summer School Scolarship

Marianna Sansone

18 years old
-Bulgarian Ballet Academy in Sofia

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Photo credits goes to: Federica Capo, Sasha Onyshchenko, Erik Berg, Amitava Sarkar, Alexander Iziliaev and James Williams

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